Sleeping in one bed

Reading another article about what parents should do with their baby to make them sleep in their own room and their own bed makes me really sad. 

I understand we all have our reasons why we do such things. However imagine a newborn, a little baby that is helpless, waving her little hands around her little head, crouching her forehead, opening and closing the eyes. Who would leave this tiny thing crying alone in a dark room because she wants to be cuddled by her mum? Let's just put ourselves in the shoes of the little one for a while ... Is your heart breaking too? Can you feel the distance and coldness that is almost tangible?

The parents who do that might not have bad reasons, they might want to do everything correctly and read they should do it this way somewhere in the book for parents. They might be scared their kid will be spoilt if they sleep with her/him in their bed. 

My simple question is since when we adults started liking sleeping in bed alone? Oh, yes, it's right that kids want to sleep with their mums when they are sick or simply something is troubling them. Mum's energy and cuddles have sooting and healing effect. I say it's great kids know what and who can help them in need:)! Besides, human beings have been used to sleeping in one bed, under one piece of animal fur for maybe hundred of years. We're programmed that way. Why we want to undo something that feels so natural and start something that is probably practical but somehow not welcoming to those little creatures who totally depend on us...By the way, there are a few ways to solve it if you don't want your baby take your all bed crawling all over you all night. You can take one side of bars of your kid's cot and attach it to your bed. There are even cots that are made for that purpose!

Our daughter had her own cot too. The cot was attached to our double bed. Whenever she wanted to sleep with us, she did. Today our situation is a bit different - we have a sort of interim arrangement.  We are refurbishing our flat. Our daughter's bed has become too small for he. So we had it made. It's actually being made. Where is she sleeping then? In our bed:). We are OK she is with us there and we wouldn't have it any other way. We are sure that when the right time comes, she will sleep in her bed for good.

Good night!