Christmas presents overload

"A short Christmas break, no time to relax, too many presents for the kids" ....Hmm, someone's Christmas must have been pretty overwhelming ...

I've heard more mums complaining that their kids got far too many presents by their grandparents and extended families. Poor kids just managed to open all the presents not no mention play with them and the visit was over. They had to rush and visit some other relatives where another pile was waiting to be released from the wrapping paper.

Presents and grandparents generosity overloaded the whole idea of Christmas and the biggest present of all - a family spending their time together. It's sad, right? But it's Christmas! And most of us want to make our mums, dads, grand mums, etc. happy. So we decide to spend Christmas Eve and Boxing Day and New Year's Eve and New Year with them. We usually go and visit them in their homes which used to be ours at one point. And since it isn't our home anymore nor is your spouse's, you don't feel that relaxed there. Your mum in-law says you should be stricter with your kid and "give them some boundaries", the kid shouldn't shout and run around. They tell your kids all kinds of things you disagree with but it's Christmas, so you don't oppose. Our Christmas could have been pretty similar except for kids shouting and running around. It is OK in our families and nobody is concerned with "stipulating kids boundaries" if they don't trespass ours:). And fortunately my mum discusses presents for our daughter!

My husband and I spent our Christmas Eve at home and we have done so since we decided to spend Christmas together. This year we had no plan nor timing. We ate Czech style sandwiches which I prepared a day before and cookies my mum made. We played with our daughter, let her watch her first long fairy tale and had Christmas dinner at 8 pm when all of us were hungry:)). We opened our presents at 4 pm so that Eliska had time to play with them. Actually we gave her one present in the morning so that she had enough time to play with it. She got three presents from us including a book:). 

The next following days we visited our family and "undertook" a visit per day. 

And yes, in total our Eli got a lot of presents. Honestly I am not very happy about it because she might learn she will always get a lot of presents, which I would like to limit next year.  However, all the presents she got are beautiful....I would love to get some of them too!!!:)).

The result? Has she been playing with them? Definitely. She has loved playing with all of them. Maybe that's why I cannot make her go out these days - she is so busy:)!

What's your score? Too many presents too? How many presents is your OK number?

Xmas presents overload.jpg