Easy Christmas decorations - doable even by toddlers:)

I have wanted to post it sooner but ...:). I have been so busy doing all the Christmas presents in the evenings that I hardly had time for anything really.

Anyway, here is the tip on how to make very simple Christmas decorations that your toddlers can do almost "by themselves". You just need to prepare a few things.

What you need:

Cardboard (krabicový papír)

Cotton wool (vata)

Aluminium foil (alobal) for baking, or even from some sweets (I used the golden wrapping we had on the chocolate coins)

Wrapping paper (balici papir)



Hole punch (děrovacka)

How to:

1. Cut out some Christmas shapes out of the cardboard: e.g. a ball, heart, tree, bell, fish, star, etc.

2. Tear some cotton wool and aluminium foil - I guess this will be great fun for kids:).

3. Let your kid glue the "shape" and stick the cotton wool or aluminium foil on the cardboard

4. Punch a hole in the decoration and put the ribbon through

Decoration is ready to be hung:).